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What Is Lemorize?

It’s is a free tool that helps you study faster, never forget what you’ve studied and ace your tests!

Who Can Use Lemorize?

If you are a student preparing yourself for a test or learning a new language, Lemorize is the best choice for you.

But How?

Lemorize provides a bunch of tools to help you achieve your goals. It’s based on flashcards and Leitner system which are a proven method of memorizing. Create your own flashcards or use professional sets we’ve prepared for you.

Mobile Application

Your learning materials are always with you everywhere every time

No need to sit in a room or library to study. Create materials on any device, use short times on taxi, subway or even lunch time to study and enjoy it.

Never lose your learning materials and notes

Sync your data with Lemorize server and never lose them.

Isn't The Internet available everywhere? No problem

The only thing you need to do is when the internet is available, sync your data. After that, you can review your cards and continue study offline.

Everything you need

Collaborate with your friends

Share learning materials, communicate and collaborate with your friends or everyone easily.

Use image and sound

Make learning more efficient and enjoyable by putting images and sounds on your flashcards.

Take photo

No need to type your materials, you can just take a photo and put it on your flashcards. That’s it!!!

Charts and numbers

Control your progress by charts and analyzed numbers.

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